Unique Missions

The Seastar is a multi-purpose aircraft delivering unmatched versatility at low operating costs. It covers a wide operational range of VIP-transport, commercial, governmental/special and corporate missions. Just tell us your requirements and we will tailor the Seastar to meet your demands.


VIP Missions

The Seastar is the ultimate amphibian for discerning owners looking for a comfortable and sound performer on water as well as on land, providing you with fast access to yachts, waterfront property, isolated lakes, ocean bays and island coves or just airport to airport connections. Whatever the destination - the Seastar is the safest and most enjoyable way to get there. The executive interior offers ergonomically designed seating and an optional lavatory. A large door allows for easy passenger boarding and cargo loading. In-flight access to bags and luggage complete the exceptional experience of travelling with your personal Seastar.

Commercial Missions

Able to operate on water or land, the Seastar provides unforeseen flight opportunities for commercial operators. Its "flying boat" design enables to land in sea states with up to two-foot waves (demonstrated but not limiting). Moreover, due to the Seastar's ability of using a ramp to transition between water and land, passengers may board the aircraft without the need of an airport. Direct operating costs are significantly lower compared with aircraft of its size, due to higher cruise speeds and significantly reduced maintenance cost.

Governmental and Special Missions

The Seastar is the ideal aircraft for operations such as coastal surveillance, patrolling, environmental control, fisheries protection, emergency medical services, search and rescue, drug interdiction and disaster relief, to name a few. Used as a multi-role platform the Seastar is able to perform the combined operational tasks usually requiring both air and seaborne assets. This ability to combine asset tasking will produce faster response times, increase operational flexibility and reduce costs in comparison with the use of existing fixed wing, helicopter and seaborne assets.

Corporate Missions

With comfortable seating for up to twelve passengers and low direct operating cost (DOC), the Seastar is the best choice for fast transportation and corporate mobility on water and land. It can be configured to fulfil a wide range of special missions.