Heritage of a Pioneering Spirit

The Dornier Seastar aircraft program builds on the rich experience of 100 years of creating flying boats. This heritage and experience are deeply embedded in the company’s DNA as engineering experts in aviation. It incorporates features that would be difficult to replicate without the experience gained in thousands of flying hours and flight missions that Dornier flying boats have completed worldwide since the mid-1910s.

In 1910, Claude Dornier began working with Count Zeppelin, the famous airship pioneerand the seeds for a family tradition in aviation were sown. The Dornier name was first associated with aircraft production in 1914 the first all metal flying boat was built. Over the lifespan of the company, Dornier has produced more than 100 designs for both the civil and military market and manufactured over 10,000 aircraft.

Dornier rose to prominence in the 1920s and 1930s as a manufacturer of large, all-metal flying boats, including the 1924 Wal and the 12 engine Do-X in 1929. The company also built a series of successful land planes, including the Komet and Merkur that were used by Lufthansa and other European carriers.

Visit the Dornier Museum

The Dornier Museum is located in Friedrichshafen at the Lake of Constance, Germany and offers a great overview of the Dornier Heritage.